Who is Renewable Bamboo

Renewable Bamboo

Biomass Corporation Oprins Group R&S Tissue Culture Lab
Oprins Plant
Hortus Capensis
South Africa


What we do ...

  • Hortus Capensis is plant producer specialized in bamboo from tissue culture, we harden them off to prior to delivering to clients for plantations.
  • Together with our partners and parent company offers consultancy services related to bamboo.



Why Harden off the plants?


TC3 stage plants are too sensitive
- From sterile enviromet
- Temperature
- Humidity
- Light


Lab Green House

Lab Green House Production


Planting the TC Stage 3




Seedling Trays ready to be planted under shade


Plugs are planted into bags under Shadecloth


Baged plants ready for planting


Tissue Cultured Bamboos:
Vigorous plants with a well developed Root System


Bamboo Plantations

  • Our elite bamboos have a much higher chance of successful establishment and of giving a higher yield per hectare compared to traditionally propagated plants that are not subjected to a rigorous selection process.
  • The use of small but vigorous TC planting material also had an added logistical advantage, particularly for facilitating transport to the field at reduced costs.


Innovations for Commercial Production

- The plants are not genetically modified.
- The scientific intervention is restricted to:
  • identifying motherplants with superior traits
  • cloning the motherplants


The Importance of Mother Plant Selection
  • TC (and Vegetative propagation in general) offers the possibility of selecting plants with desired traits
  • This results in reduced variance of traits compared to sexually propagated plants (e.g. bamboo seedlings from natural forests)
  • Cloning of selected of elite plants results in a genetic gain which may be expressed in larger or more productive plants and overall increased yield in plantations.


  1. Tissue Cultured Bamboo
  2. True-to-type plants
  3. Vigorous growers
  4. Smaller planting materials
  5. Available in large quantities
  6. Better field establishment
  7. Better performance & higher yield

Bamboo in South Africa: Eastern Cape

  • Bamboo has been identified as suitable for plantations in The Eastern Cape
  • Good quality planting material is a key for successful establishment
  • It is important to plant several bamboo species in order to reduce plantation risks and maximize yield

Bamboo Species with Potential for South Africa



Plantation on marginal land in Indonesia



Site Preparation

Lines & Holes


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